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Health Visitor Registration

Why Join Private Health Visitor?

This is the entry to our database- sign up here if you are a registered member to the health care system.

Parents will check in here to find you.

You will always be in work and therefore can develop your full caseload very quickly and before you know it, you will be a Private Health Visitor.

How much does it cost?

For now – Registration for those wishing to register whilst we build up our clientelle is £60 for the WHOLE year –

So get registered now – as the next 50 professionals will only ever have to pay this reduced fee annually, and be part of the information generation and a professional private health visitor.

In order to be fully set up as a Private Health Visitor, we have a complete and comprehensive folder which has all the details that you will need which will advice and guide you as a newly self employed professional.

This folder will have lots of useful details of how to go about setting up a professional practice, how to work out how much to charge, what equipment you will need to set yourself up as a private health visitor and also forms and paperwork which will be useful to use in record keeping.

This folder will cost you £60 including postage and packaging.

Emails us with your details and we will send you the link to PayPay for payment.You can also pay with a cheque – made payable to ‘Private Health Visitor’

How long does it take to register?

A couple of minutes to fill out the application –

We will then email you after we have checked that your registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is up to date and you are on the correct arm of the register which you will be working under.

We will send you detailed information on how to run your own Private Health Visiting practice.

After this, simply wait for our confirmation email so you can then get started and your details will become visible to possible clients.

Parents will contact you via email and you are able to choose if you wish to take on the case or refer them back to us for our referral on to other health visitors.

This whole process can be completed in as short as 14 days.

The CRB process can take between 7 days and 3 weeks to be returned – so there may be a delay in this part of your registration.

Thats it!

CRB Checks

We will also need to have a new CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check –

As a responsble supporter, we have gauranteed to all parents that we have CRB checked all our private health visitors who work under us.

Once you have been initially approved, we will then email you a link with a special access reference number which you will use to submit your electronic CRB check.

We have been stringent in securing a preferred and cheap rate for our Health Visitors.

All details are completed on line.

You will need to have details of your Passport, Driving Licence, National Insurance Number to complete your application.

it is also a good idea to put this information on your profile so potential parents can see that you have a clean CRB.- and also show this to new parents when they ask you to come for a pre visit meeting.

Health Professional - Annual Membership Plan

£300.00 every 12 Months.
Join us on our Database Of superb Health Visitors. Simply Complete your details, and log in access will be given once we have a chance to approve your application,  We will need to check that you are active on the NMC register, have full DBS which is clean and current. This will be billed on one go. Please note we are unable to refund any payments made - so please be sure you have considered this before completing your application. This is renewable once a year to continue your membership on our site and to be able to work through Private Health Visitor.