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Parent Registration

How long is membership?

Membership lasts for 1 year as we feel that this is the crucial time scale where most first time parents feel the most need for that extra pair of hands and professional support.

How much does it cost?

its is totally free to be a member and to be able to use all the facilities on the site.

Once you make contact with your chosen Private Health Visitor, you will come to agreements regarding his/her fees. These fees are competative and related to the level of service the health visitor will provide.


They may also be able to work out a package with you to cover a series of visits or if you wish to join up with a friend to share the costs.

We just ask that you email us the full details and fees charged so we will be able to work out our fees with the health visitor concerned.
This is how we keep it so that you our service users do not have to pay us directly.

Why join?

Parents – you may have just had your first baby and not quite sure what hapens next – Maybe your health visitor has just been to visit you and your new baby for your New Birth Visit, and although you were able to ask any questions you had, you still feel that you would have liked more time spend with you and your family at this very stressful and tiring time.

This is where we come in and offer you your own private health visitor – someone who is there for you, will stand by you and give you 100% support as and when you need them and all at a costs which is very competative and worth while.

Sign up today and see how you are able to pick your own persoanl health visitor.


Parents Membership - Annual Membership Plan

£40.00 every 12 Months.
Join Us To Search Our Database Of superb Health Visitors. Simply Complete your details, and log in access will be given once we have a chance to approve your application, For Immediate Membership And Access. This will be taken in one payment. Please note we are unable to refund any payments made - so please be sure you have considered this before completing your application.