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Salmon and Pea

Salmon, Pea & Potato Purée

Whip up this weaning recipe to introduce baby to more texture, tastes and nutrients – salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 and peas pack in vitamins

Spinach Lentil

Spinach, Sweet Potato & Yellow Split Pea Purée

Make this weaning purée with sweet potato, spinach and split peas before transitioning baby to solids. It has a bit of texture and the option of subtle spice

Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Purée

Sweet potatoes are a great first food when you start weaning your baby and you can blend in their regular milk. Try this simple purée

Butternut Squash

Roasted Butternut Squash & Garlic Purée

This vibrant purée is so simple to make, and is a brilliant way of gently introducing your baby to a wider variety of flavours. But you can simply leave the garlic out, if you prefer

banana and avocado puree

Perfect Banana & Avocado Purée

A sweet and creamy purée, simply made with ripe, nutrient-rich avocado and banana. Yogurt can be added for a protein boost. This classic weaning combination is bound to be a hit with your baby


Haddock, Cauliflower & Potato Purée

Similar in taste to a creamy and mild fish pie, this potato-based purée is a great way of introducing omega-3-rich haddock into your baby's diet, once they're ready for protein


Celeriac, Carrot & Apple Purée

Mixing root vegetables with fruit is a wonderful way of letting your baby explore different flavours, and this purée is also packed full of nutrients. Plus there is minimal preperation involved too...

Rice Paper Wraps

Rice Paper Wraps

Make these rice paper wraps for an easy snack or appetizer. Kids will love them and they're wholesome, too, filled with plenty of protein and veg

Chicken Schnitzel with coleslaw

Chicken Schnitzel with Coleslaw

Chicken breasts are tenderised, covered in breadcrumbs and fried until golden and crispy. A dinner that kids will love cooking and eating.